Catkin Georgian Lady

This design is stitched using just Black and Grey, but just look at how effective it is.  The Ruffles of the over skirt are so realistic and her hair piled up completes the picture along with the well known "beauty spot".

Catkin Georgian Lady
The Georgian era saw many sweeping changes not least in the world of fashion. From 1714 to1837 it took its name from the kings GeorgeI through to George IV.
It was during this period that corsets were discarded and the body was allowed to feel free and remain in it's natural shape
This fashionable lady dates from 1714 but by 1802 this style of dress was discarded for the more simple chemise. Yet again by 1819 the corset was back again though only for a short time... Fashion was as fickle then as it is now.

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Catkin:- "It has take hours to make this lady look so glorious, she is fully aware of how beautiful she is"

Each Kit Contains:-

Large Scale B/W Chart
100% White Cotton 14ct Aida or 28ct Evenweave
DMC Threads 

Stitch Size:-

17" x 9" 
 43cms x 23cms

Stitches Used
Back Stitch and some Full Stitch

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