Lanarte Cross Stitch Classic Collection

Over the years the Lanarte Cross Stitch Classic collection has had some of the most beautiful designs available. These have ranged from compositions of several different era's to Angels and Cherubs, from Classical letters of the Alphabet to the Renaissance. Each one carefully designed to give a true feeling of the classics.  
Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Ear-ring is beautifully replicated in a Delft style tile.  The detail Lanarte has managed to capture is excellent. The original is considered a masterpiece ... I think this tile is not far behind.

Delft Windmill
Order Code 0158328
Normal Price  £26.20
Our Price  £20.00

Delft Tulips
Order Code 0158330
Normal Price  £26.20
Our Price  £20.00

Delft Girl with a Pearl
Order Code 0158329
Normal Price £26.20
Our Price  £20.00

A little collection of Classic Silhouette Ballet dancers and Fairies

Ballet Silhouette 1
Order code PN-0008131 (35062)
Normal Price  £8.85
Our Price £7.75

Ballet Silhouette 2
Order Code PN-0008132 (35063)
Normal Price £8.85
Our Price £7.75

Ballet Silhouette 3
Order code PN-0008133 (35064)
Normal Price £8.85
Our Price £7.75

Cute Fairy on a Twig
Order Code PN-0008194 
Normal Price £8.85
Our Price £7.75

Girl with Flower Hair
Order Code PN-0144519
Normal Price £35.50
Our Price £28.50

Cute Little Fairy
Order Code PN-0008195
Normal Price £8.85
Our Price £7.75

Michelangelo's painting on the Sistene Chapel's ceiling includes a fresco of  "The hands of God and Adam" also known as "The Creation".
Lanarte's use of colour and shade, coupled with a painted fabric has resulted in a brilliant image that is so close to the original it's amazing.

Cupid I
Order Code PN-0156303
Normal Price £ 26.20
Our Price £22.00

Order Code PN-0007975
Normal Price £23.00
Our Price £18.50

Cupid II
Order code PN-0156308
Normal Price £26.20
Our Price £22.00

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