Lanarte Flowers PN-0165380

This picture lanarte flowers PN-0165380 shows just how striking and vibrant colours can look when stitched onto a dark or black fabric. Here the designer used a 14ct Black Aida which realy does make the flowers stand out.
Cosmos Daisies, For-get-me-nots Berries Buds and Chincherinchee make up this spray.

lanarte flowers PN-0165380

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Lanarte Quote:- "Nearly a century of excellence and quality is only possible if you are constantly seeking out new challenges"

Stitch Size:-
12" x 14"  
31cms x 36cms
Stitch Count:-
186 x 180

Each Kit Contains:-

Large Scale B/W Chart
100% Black Cotton 14ct Aida
DMC Threads pre carded onto Yarn Organizer.
Instructions in :- 8 languages

Stitches Used:-
Full Stitch using either one or two strands.

Number of Colours:- 33