Lanarte Geraniums PN-0164073

There is no two ways about it lanarte geraniums PN-0164073 shows a garden border filled with various varieties and shadings.  In lovely subtle shades of dark cerise down through to the lightest pinks these really are lifelike.
There are some projects that, the Photograph doesn't always capture the full beauty that can be seen with the naked eye, and I think this is one of them. Those Greens really are blended to perfection and if you compared them to the real thing and correct variety, I think you would just be amazed.

lanarte geraniums PN-0164073

Each Kit Contains:-

Large Scale B/W Chart
100% White Cotton 30ct Linen
DMC Threads pre carded onto Yarn Organizer.
Instructions in :- 8 languages

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Lanarte Quote:- "Nearly a century of excellence and quality is only possible if you are constantly seeking out new challenges"

Stitch Size:-
19.6" x 16.4"" 
49cms x 41cms

Stitches Used:-
Full Stitch

Number of Colours:- 24