Meineck Fernley Snoozetime

Meineck Fernley Snoozetime

One in a series of nine.

Meineck Fernley Snoozetime
After a hard day running his parents ragged down on the beach, then having a bath, it's time for bed.

Knowing Fernley he will dream of all the mischief he can get into tomorrow


Normally ships within 1 week.

Stitch Size:-
9.6" x 9.3"
245mm x 236mm

Each Kit Contains:-

Large Scale B/W Chart
100% Cream Cotton 27ct Evenweave OR 14ct Aida
Top Quality Threads 
Yarn Organizer.


Stitches Used
Full Stitch Quarter Stitch and Back Stitch

Number of Colours:-  21
Combination of Anchor and DMC

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