Meineck Sweet Froggy Adams

Meineck Sweet Froggy Adams

A wonderfully funny series starring Sweet Granny Adams.

In this picture Granny has taken out her book of spells for beginners and, having selected the spell she wanted to try, sets about with gusto with disastrous results.

Sweet Froggy Adams
Poor Granny, She really didn't follow the recipe.  Fancy turning herself into a frog!  Perhaps she was dreaming of finding a prince charming and just got her words wrong .At least she still has her wand... maybe she can turn herself back into the feisty old witch we all know and love!


Normal price £26.50
Our Price  £22.50
Saving £4.00 


Stitch Size:-
10.4" x 9.4"  
26.5cms x 23.8cms

Stitch Count:-
146 x 131

Each Kit Contains:-

Large Scale B/W Chart
100% Blue Cotton 14ct Aida 
Top Quality Threads
Metallic thread  
Yarn Organizer.


Stitches Used:-
Full Stitch
Quarter Stitch
Back Stitch

Number of Colours:- 27
Combinatio of Anchor and DMC
Metallic Thread

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